What is Cisco & Wipelot EagleEye Solution?

One System That Fulfills All Needs

EagleEye is a solution developed by Cisco and Wipelot in collaboration to provide a single system infrastructure that combines Cisco’s secure Wi-Fi connectivity with Wipelot’s built-in UWB real-time location tracking technology.

EagleEye is the world's first UWB module integration for Wi-Fi and IoT access points, providing both Wi-Fi connectivity and high-precision geolocation.

Visibility & Traceability & Safety & Connectivity

EagleEye can help with the following issues:

  • Where is the personnel, are they safe?
  • How can the performance of personnel be measured?
  • How can workplace accidents be prevented?
  • How workforce loss can be avoided?
  • Where are the heavy-duty machines, are they working efficiently?
  • Where are the semi-products?
  • How can loss of equipment be avoided?
  • How can continuous and secure connectivity be maintained?

In the age of industrial digitization, all of these operations can now be managed by a single system. EagleEye Motion designed by Cisco & Wipelot partnership can successfully combine a real-time location system into a Wi-Fi module that provides total visibility, traceability, safety, connection, and efficiency in these complex industrial applications. With EagleEye, you can track and monitor the exact location of people and assets, helping you stay ahead of workplace safety and efficiency.

Wipelot Egleeye Infrastucture

System Infrastructure

Wipelot adds a UWB-based RTLS module to the existing Cisco Catalyst Wi-Fi 6 infrastructure, creating the EagleEye Solution. The EagleEye solution offers Wi-Fi connectivity and high-precision geolocation in a single system to increase efficiency and safety.



EagleEye Sense is a unique combination of Cisco Wi-Fi access points and Wipelot’s UWB-based real-time location tracking module for indoor areas and office environments.

Wipelot EagleEye Sense
Wipelot EagleEye Motion


EagleEye Motion is a unique combination of Cisco Wi-Fi access points and Wipelot’s UWB-based real-time location tracking module for harsh industrial environments.


Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

What is ultra-wideband technology? How does it achieve cm-level precision?

Similar to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Ultra-Wideband is a short-range, wireless communication protocol that operates through radio signals. UWB uses a very large channel bandwidth (500 MHz) with short pulses of about 2 ns each; this helps achieve centimeter-level accuracy. The UWB positioning process happens in an instant, so the mobile device’s movements can be tracked very accurately in real-time.

Is there a demo available?

Yes, please fill out the contact form on the website.

Is Wipelot’s UWB solution integrated with DNA Spaces?

Not at the moment; however, this is on the future roadmap. Currently, the high-precision location data will be monitored only through the Wipelot RTLS software platform.

Can we support the proof of concepts?

Yes, please use the contact form to register interest.

What are the approximate access point density guidelines?

Similar to Wi-Fi RTLS, i.e., a grid pattern with a spacing of between 10 and 20 meters.

Which regions are supported?

All of EMEA, however, requires local partner support.

How much power is required?

It depends on the access point model, but the Wipelot solution will work with 802.3bt(60w) for C9100 APs and 802.3bt(60w) or AC/DC input for the IW6300. This power is required to enable USB ports on APs.

What is the battery life of tags?

It depends on the use case but will be between 6 and 12 months. A multiple tag option exists, please consult the Wipelot team for more information.

Can EagleEye modules support multi-vendor UWB tags?

Currently no, each vendor implements its own data structure and signalization mechanisms. But some standards will make this interoperability possible in the near future.

Is mesh-supported?

The Industrial IW6300 supports mesh.

Which C91xx are supported?


Will these modules be supported in Wi-Fi 6E APs?

Yes, these modules will all still be supported in Wi-Fi 6E APs.

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