What is EagleEye Sense ?

Wipelot EagleEye Sense

EagleEye Sense is the unique combination of Cisco Catalyst Wi-Fi 6 Access Points and Wipelot’s UWB based real time location tracking module for indoor areas and office environments.

Why use EagleEye Sense ?

Knowing the location of all inventory and personnel not only help businesses to operate more efficiently but also helps protecting the workforce. In the era of digitalization, this is possible with real time location tracking systems. When real time location system, briefly RTLS, is supported with Ultra wide band (UWB) technology, it starts to capture highly accurate spatial and directional data that leads to high precision locationing performance.

This feature is essential for numerous types of industrial and non-industrial establishments that are operating in indoor areas. Closed area manufacturing facilities, warehouses, factory offices, airports, hospitals, schools, sport centres, hotels, malls and corporations are few of those examples for indoor areas that can highly benefit from the advantages of RTLS. With the help of RTLS, large amount of location data is gathered from environment, recorded and converted to statistical information, reports and alerts that enable businesses to measure performance of their personnel and inventory while maintaining the work safety.

Thanks to application hosting feature of Catalyst 9100, EagleEye Sense transforms this AP into a powerful high precision UWB RTLS node.

Demo Kit

Wİpelot EagleEye Demo Kit

The Demokit developed by Wipelot offers all you need to demonstrate how RTLS works in indoor environments.

The kit contains the following devices:

5 x EagleEye Sense UWB Anchors

2 x UWB Tags

1 x Wireless Charger for Tags

1 x Adaptor and Plug Converter

1 x Lotus Demo Licence

Note: You should have as many Cisco Catalyst 9100 Series Access Point as number of EagleEye Sense anchor to run demo.

Use Cases

In Manufacturing: Track every personnel and asset in emergency muster areas, track work performance, receive alerts in case of geofencing violation

In Warehouses: Increase occupational safety and efficiency by tracking forklifts and receive warning signals in case of accident risks

In Hospitals and Elder Care Facilities: Protect patients by receiving alerts in case of falls, faints and inactivities

At offices: Prevent loss of documents, objects and valuable inventory

At Schools: Protect students and personnel by receiving alerts in case of social distance violation, create heatmaps and receive filiation reports during pandemics


Personnel and asset tracking in indoor and office environments

High precision (sub 1m) positioning via UWB technology

Easy configuration and plug & play features

Integrated with Cisco wireless network infrastructure

Access from web interface

Traceability and efficiency

Why EagleEye Sense is unique?

Simple: Digitalization should make our lives easier not more complex. With its easy configuration and plug&play features, EagleEye Sense, everything is clear and easy to manage

Secure: All devices within EagleEye System supports Wi-Fi & UWB technology that offers highest level of enterprise grade security

Scalable: You cannot improve any process without measuring their outputs. EagleEye Sense collects significant amount of real time data from the environment, converts these raw data into valuable information and reports

Durable: EagleEye Sense has a modern compact design that is suitable for offices and all types of indoor environments

Cost Efficient: With the increased traceability and visibility, Cisco & EagleEye infrastructure reduces CAPEX and OPEX significantly